There are 5 poses that I have memorized and will always use for photoshoots...

As a photographer I've had many shoots all over New England and the North east to explore new poses with my couples. Each location inspires a new prompt or pose and I'm happy to share them with you!

1.Drunk Walk

I usually start off with this pose because it helps my couple's start moving, makes them feel comfortable, and get's rid of the jitters of being behind the camera.

For this pose I walk away from my couple and turn around. When I'm ready and have them in focus, I tell them to walk towards me while holding hands. They can either look at me or look at each other. While they are walking I tell them to bump hips like they've had too much to drink!

Taken at White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield, CT

2.Reach for a Kiss

This pose is a little difficult to explain over text, but it's one of my top 3 poses. For this pose, I have my couple facing each other and holding both of their partner's hands. They are just a few steps apart, then I tell them to move in and out, while their hands move in and out as well. When they move in and are close to each other, they will go in for a kiss. They can kiss on the lips, or on the cheek or anywhere they desire!

Taken in West Hartford, Connecticut

3.The Dip!

This pose is self explanatory! I tell one of them that they are going to dramatically dip their partner. Usually, the person being dipped gets nervous that they are going to fall, but as long as the person holding them has a good grip...they are fine! I usually tell the person on the bottom to be dramatic and kick their leg up or hold it up against their partner.

Photography by Liv D'Elia in Back Bay, Boston, Massachusetts


Spinning your partner is always a cute romantic pose I love to do. Simply ask your couple to spin each other, but make sure they are spinning towards you and not away.

Photography by Liv D'Elia at Hidden Valley Preserve in Washington Depot, CT

5.Kiss on the Cheek

Once again, super simple but cute self explanatory pose! Have your couple take turns kissing each other on the cheek. Make sure it's the back cheek and not the front so you can see their face :)

Photography by Liv D'Elia at the Cornwall Covered Bridge in Cornwall, Connecticut

That's it! Thank you for reading and I hope these poses help you for your next photoshoot :)

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