Who Am I?

Great question! I'm Liv, a 26 year old girl who is passionate in all aspects of her life. In my career, in my beliefs, in my music taste, in my friendships and the way I cherish my family.

Where did I grow up?

I was born at Waterbury Hospital and grew up in Watertown, CT.

Have I lived anywhere else?

Yes! I lived in Providence, RI for 4 years in college (Go Friars). Sydney, Australia for 4.5 months and now I live in Fairfield, CT!

What are my simple pleasures in life?

The sun. I am full hearted a summer baby. Stick me in the sun and I'm recharged. Other simple pleasures include frozen yogurt, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Parks and Rec (essentially any show that makes me giggle). Lastly, my favorite artists, Rayland Baxter, Noah Kahan, and Léon.

Things I stand Firm On:

Community over Competition in my career. Team Logan.

Why am I a photographer?

Simple. This is what the universe called me to do. I am so dedicated + passionate about this career and couldn't see myself doing anything else. A vintage brownie box camera that belonged to my Nonno sat in my room my whole life and I always felt a special connection to it. When I was in high school, I asked my parents for a camera + that started the drive! Since then, I've graduated from Providence College with a degree in Photography and Business and have been following where my path takes me.

See my work


Having my own business is a HUGE blessing . I am so grateful that I found a passion that I could turn into a career. I know many people who wait their whole lives to find a passion or purpose in life. Being able to create and capture beautiful memories for you makes me one incredibly lucky girl.

Personal Reviews

Minnie c. | Watertown, CT.

I have known Liv ALL of her life. I have seen her grown into the beautifully talented women she is today. Liv’s desire to share her talents with her friends, family and clients is evident the very first time you speak to her. I look forward to my daughters senior pics photo shoot later on this spring/summer!

Betty C. | Waterbury, CT

Beautiful inside and out. Very talented, compassionate and soulful

Alli R. | Watertown CT

A very loyal and dedicated young woman. Extremely motivated, passionate and creative.


-I'm an old soul. I love Elvis, old fashioned's, Dean Martin, the Blues era, vintage photos, and everything 50's, 60's, 70's!!

-Besides photography, travel fuels my soul. Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece have been checked off my bucket list!

-I once met Joe Jonas on Bondi Beach in Australia and found myself in tabloids the next day. So I guess you can say I'm kind of famous

-I'm a Leo!

That was a lot about me. Let's learn about you...