Photoshoot Outfit Guide

Where do I start?

Figuring out what to wear on a daily basis is already overwhelming, I get it! The thought of finding outfits for photoshoot can be even more stressful. I'm here to help! This page will provide insight on what I recommend wearing, what to avoid and some inspiration from past photo sessions to help you visual.

Neutrals are your best friend.

  • I recommend avoiding pure white and black, but creams, tans, navy, olive, and any earth tone colors are perfect! No bright neon colors. Photos last forever, so choose clothes that are timeless!

Look at your home decor

  • The photos will be hanging in your home, so you’ll want your clothes to coordinate with the color scheme of what's already in your home. 

Limit patterns.

  • I always recommend no patterns, but one pattern in a group can look great! It will clash too much if everyone has patterns

No characters on shirts.

  • This is very distracting. No graphic tees, characters or numbers.

No Wrinkles

  • Make sure your clothes don't wrinkle easily. Wrinkles are a pain to edit and you want to have wrinkle free photos!

Choose timeless clothing

  • Choosing simple, classic clothes will help give your images a timeless feel 

Let your clothing match your surroundings

  • Think about where you are getting your photos done. Engagement photos on a hike? Where flannels and jeans. Elopement in the city? Dress up! Family photos in a park? Jeans and flannels and sweaters work. If you need suggestions I'm always happy to help.


  • Wear something that you are confident and comfortable in. While it is fun to go shopping for something new like a photoshoot, make sure you aren't getting something too out of your comfort zone. Remember, these photos are forever, so you want to feel good about yourself. Dig through your closet first to see if there is something you love in there!