Gentle Bull Studio Cozy Couple Session // Hartford, CT

When you shoot the session of your dreams!! I booked a time slot at Gentle Bull Studio in Hartford, CT and I had an extra spot open so I asked my friend and her boyfriend to model for me. I knew they would match this aesthetic so well and would love the decor. Gentle Bull has two studio rooms which are both so beautiful, but I booked studio 1 because of the beautiful green couch they had. I also wanted something a little more minimalistic and this was the perfect fit. This has to be one of my favorite sessions to date because of the colors and the aesthetics of the studio!

This was a short, 30 minute session, but I fit in a lot of different poses. I usually start my sessions off having my couple move around so they get comfortable being in front of the camera. So I had them hold hands and move in and out from each other while going in for a kiss. I then had them sit on the really beautiful faux tiger rug and straddle each other and then get cozy sitting next to each other! Some of my other favorite poses are having each person whisper something crazy in each other's ear and holding hands and walking towards me while bumping hips. Take a look below to see the other poses and areas we took photos :)