4 Best Senior Photography Poses

I absolutely love working with Seniors in Connecticut because each session just feels like we're hanging out like friends. I always bring my speaker and play music and aim to make the session as fun as possible. Here are my top 4 senior poses / prompts that I always use to break the ice and make seniors feel confident and happy.

  1. Catwalk: My favorite pose is to ask my seniors to back up as much as they can, and then give their best cat walk towards the camera. When they are strutting across the field, they can look at me, look to the side and laugh.
  2. Spin/Swing: Another prompt I love to use is to swing your arms and body back and forth and exaggerate your arm movements. If you're wearing a dress you can grab it to create even more movement or grab your jacket too! This pose is always fun and captures candid smiles!
  3. Kick the Ground: This pose is a very dramatic, Marilyn Monroe pose that I have been using recently! All you do is kick the ground, or pretend that you're kicking an object. When you're kicking, give me your most Hollywood laugh.
  4. Play with your hair: A great pose is to play with your hair and give me your best laugh!

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Swing your Arms

Kick The Ground

Play with your Hair