Connecticut Senior Photography

I've photographed so many beautiful rising seniors here in Connecticut and I love helping them get out of their comfort zone when they are posing. For the most part, when seniors get their picture taken it's the first time they are behind the camera. I love using poses that get them moving and bring out their biggest smiles. Here are the 4 poses I always use during my senior portrait sessions.


This pose is a staple to start with because it gets your subject loose and a little more comfortable in front of the camera. Have them stand where you want, and tell them to keep their hands out and swing back and forth. When they do this, tell them to keep turning their head back towards you!

Taken at Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, CT. Emma graduated from Watertown High School


Who doesn't love strutting a catwalk? I love having my seniors do this because it brings out all their confidence.

Simply walk away from your subject, and have them catwalk towards you while you snap a million photos.

Taken at Hidden Valley Preserve in New Preston, CT. Gianna graduated from Wolcott High School.

3.Run Away and Look Back at Me

You can do this pose 2 ways. One way is having your subject jog away from you and look back at you, or they do a little hop while maintaining eye contact with you. This is a super cute and playful pose I want to do more!

4.Kick the Floor

This is a very Marilyn Monroe-esque pose. Have your model either "kick the floor" or pretend they are kicking a soccer ball. I think this is really beautiful!

Taken at La Bella Vista Wedding Venue in Waterbury, CT. Giuliana graduated from Woodland High School