Have you ever wondered why photographers don't like to send unedited photos?

Well I'm here to tell you why! There are two reasons...

#1, Our editing is part of our artistic process and distinguishes us from other photographers.

Photographer's take so much pride in their whole work flow process. We want every part of your experience to be perfect. From the moment you contact us, to the shoot, to the editing and delivery. Every photographer has a unique style, because of editing. Without editing, most of our images would look the same!

When you search to find your photographer, their editing is what distinguishes their style from others. Photographers can edit from very warm to very cool, very dark to very bright, true to color or more saturated. And every customer has a different preference as well!

Look below to see some before and after's of my photos.

#2 Most photographers shoot on very large files, that are very difficult to transfer.

The format of photos we shoot with is very very different from a normal camera or an Iphone. We shoot with "RAW" format which is an uncompressed and unprocessed image captured by a camera's sensor. This allows us to have the highest quality image as possible and also means we can do pretty much anything with the image when we start editing. If you haven't worked with a professional camera before, you definitely will not know how to work with a RAW file. My RAW files are around 40mb each!

Some photographers will charge for sending raws because it will take hours to just send them to you.

Trust your photographer in their editing, and speak up if you want something changed!

You should always study a photographer's website and socials and make sure that you love their work and editing before you book.