Every business owner knows that they cannot function without the help of other businesses. I am so grateful to be a business owner in this age of technology, as it makes my life SO organized and SO seamless.

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These are the platforms I use that are vital for my photography business



Bridge is an adobe platform that lets you sort through your raw images! This allows you to speed up your culling process so much faster than sorting through photos on Lightroom.


Lightroom is an image software organizer. This is the main platform that I use to edit. You can create Digital catalogs, organize your photos, create batch edits and tweak each edit.


Photoshop is an image creation, graphic design and photo editing tool! I use this for extending and backgrounds, editing blemishes, hair flyaways, creating GIFS, multiple exposures and panoramas. There is so much else to do with Photoshop.

SOCIAL MEDIA + Marketing:


Tailwind is a great tool for scheduling and bulking social media posts for Instagram and Pinterest. It can also be used for email marketing and can create a marketing schedule for you!


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms! I use this to connect with my network and my clients. I post my work and insightful Reels to provide value to my clients and network.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is an incredible video social platform. Many people use this as a search engine for facts and inspiration. While I don't post on here often, it's another great way for clients to find you.


I use Facebook to share my Instagram posts and to connect with my local communities. I am a part of an abundance of community Facebook groups. In these, I advertise monthly and look out for posts of people looking for photographers .I am also a part of many wedding groups and photography networking groups!


Pinterest is a massive image search engine. You can gather inspiration for any type of project or photoshoot here. I bulk post my Pinterest posts using tailwind. This is a great way for clients to find you. Make sure to use keywords that relate to your photos and their location so clients can find you!


I don't use snapchat for my business often, but I occasionally

post advertisements on there to reach an audience that wouldn't see it anywhere else.


Mailchimp is a marketing and email automation platform! I use this to send emails to my mailing list. One thing I've learned from every business owner is that you NEED another platform outside of social media. Look at Tik Tok, always on the edge of being banned. If Tik Tok, Instagram or FB get banned, we need another way to reach our audience.



Moo is a custom online printing and design business! I use this to order high quality business cards and advertisements.


Canva is an online platform used for creating graphics that can be used for social media, advertisements, presentations, etc. I have printed business cards, gift certificates and flyers through Canva. They are affordable and great quality! Highly recommend this as opposed to Staples.

White House Custom Color

Also known as WHCC, this company is top tier for photo prints, albums, canvases, framed prints and other wall art! I have been using them since 2020 and have been completely satisfied.


This is not used for printing, but they provide packaging used for photography prints and other small business products! I use their eco clear bags and cardboard backings for my photography prints.

Use to create:


SCRL is an app that allows you to creatively spread out your photos into different slides. Do you ever see someones instagram posts where the photo rolls into the next slide and wonder how they did that!? SCRL is your answer.


I use this to create advertisements and social media posts! They have thousands of templates to choose from, and already have the standard sizes for social media and printing ready to go for you.

Use to manage Clients and Finances


This platform is CHEFS KISS! I use this for photo gallery delivery, website, print store, and client management. Highly recommend Pixieset.

Google (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc)

Google is so versatile. I use this for my email, to create documents and spreadsheets that I can share. I also track my finances using google sheets.

I hope this list is able to inspire or help someone grow their business efficiently! If you have any questions and want me to elaborate, please message me on instagram or send me an email!

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