How to Prepare for Your Family Photography Session with Me.

Congratulations! You've booked a family photo session!!! But how do you prepare?! You're probably wondering, what are the kids going to wear? What am I going to wear? Should I get my hair done? Are the kids going to behave?

Let me answer all those questions for you!

For clothes, I always recommend neutrals like tan, white, brown, gray, light blues, olive green. No crazy colors or patterns.

If you haven't gotten your photos taken in a long time, I would definitely recommend getting your hair and makeup done if you'd like to or styling it before you come to your session. You're going to be looking at these photos a lot, and of course you want to feel like your best self!

As for the kids: if you have young kids that still have nap time, I always recommend making sure that they do have their normal nap time and then try and keep them awake in the car, otherwise they will be extremely grumpy and not behave. I try my absolute best to make your children happy, but you know their schedules the best, so stick to a plan! I will always work around their nap times as well. I will honestly do anything in my power to make them laugh! Also, bringing snacks and toys are crucial to get them to behave.

I've had instances where a child was sooo grumpy because they traveled so far to a location, but when I did a session at their house a few months later, they were well behaved. So if you have a beautiful yard, I will gladly come to your home. Sometimes taking photos in a place that is much for familiar to your children, may help them behave better!