Best Locations for Photoshoots in Connecticut

Mohawk State Forest

Cornwall, CT

(Image #2)

Mohawk State Forest is located in Goshen, CT. I actually found this location by mistake one day and so happy I stumbled on it. It is especially gorgeous during the winter when snow is covering all of the trees. I'd love to do more sessions here!

White Memorial

Conservation Center

Litchfield, CT

(Images 3-5)

White Memorial is another location that I truly will never outgrow! It is a massive nature center that has so many different trails, fields and a beautiful boardwalk trail that I always go to when I need an escape.

Topsmead State Forest

Litchfield, CT

(Images 6-8)

This beautiful forest in Litchfield has ALWAYS been one of my favorite places in Connecticut ever since I was in high school. I've been taking photos here for so long and it will never get old! From incredible trees, giant fields, and a historic landmark. There is an endless amount of backdrops.

Horsebarn Hill

Manchester, CT

(Images 9&1)

Many Uconn alums know that horse barn hill is an absolute gem.

I had a session here a few months ago, and I'm surprised that it was my first time there because it is absolutely stunning and such an underrated location. There is a trail that overlooks UConn and some farmland, and then a giant hill that overlooks mountains and forests!