There are a few reasons you might be here...

  1. You want to take great pictures with your partner but have absolutely NO CLUE where to start or what to do...
  2. You're a photographer and need some fresh pose ideas.

Well either way I'm here to help you! I'm always discovering new ways to pose couples but right now these are some of my favorites.

#1. Drunk Walk

This pose is a simple one that I always like to start out with because it gets couples moving and it also helps get the initial nerves out.


Stand side by side holding hands and when prompted start walking towards the photographer or camera and bump into each other like you've had too much to drink. When you're walking you can look at each other or the camera. Whatever feels natural!

If you're taking pictures yourself, you can either take a video and screenshot or do a fake walk where you lean back and forth on each leg in a dramatic way so it looks like you're walking.

Connecticut Proposal Photoshoot at Beaver Brook Trails in Milford, Connecticut. Fairfield County Wedding Photographer

#2 Forehead Kiss!

This one is simple. Who doesn't love forehead kisses!?


Take turns kissing each other's foreheads.

And if you're feeling comfortable continue by having your subjects kiss their partner all around their face.

Set the camera close up to the subject because this brings out the best emotions you want to capture :)

Beautiful, Intimate Couple Portrait Photography session at Bartlett Arboretum in Stamford, Connecticut. Fairfield County

#3 Whisper Something Funny Into Your Partner's Ear

This is a GREAT way to get out all of the natural smiles and laughs from your subjects.


Take turns whispering something funny into each other's ear. You can do this up close or far back to get the landscape in.

East Burke, Vermont Engagement Photography Session

#4 Fake Half Spin

In concept taking photos doing a full spin seems fun and cute but it never really comes out well. So recently I've been having couples do a "fake spin".


Stand side by side and hold your back hands up together like you're going to do a spin, but the person who is going to turn just swings their body slightly back and forth.

This is so elegant and looks much better than a full spin :)

Connecticut Wedding Photographer. Photo taken at Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut

#5 The Dip!

This pose tends to scare people a lot but I promise it's not so hard and it's actually the most fun!


Let's do a dip!


  1. Pick who wants to be dipped
  2. The person who will be holding them will have their back hand on their partner's back and the front one under their knee for extra connection and support.
  3. Have them look at each other for a few shots and then go in for a kiss!
Beautiful Engagement Photography Session at Beaver Brook Trails in Milford CT. Fairfield County Photographer

I hope these tips are helpful! Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for more tips :)