Iris + Alyssa

If you grew up in Connecticut or New England, you're no stranger to going to fairs every fall season. I’ve been going to the Big E since I was a kid, and as a photographer now, I see it in a whole different light. I put out a model call for a couple to pose for me at a carnival, specifically at the Big E and Iris and Alyssa were up for the challenge. As a photographer, it is my goal to get my couples out of their comfort zones and they definitely did!

They thought that every photo was going to look awkward but I kept telling them that was far from the truth. You can tell how much they love each other!

There are so many fairs in the fall in Connecticut, like the Bethlehem Fair, Goshen Fair and the Big E. If you're interested in doing a photoshoot at a carnival, send me a message!