If you're reading this you either...

#1 Have a photo session coming up and want to bring a champagne bottle to spray...

#2 You're a photographer and want to learn how to nail the champagne spray photo.

I grew up in a restaurant with my Italian family so I have always valued the mindset that a good meal and drinks are necessary for celebrating. Since champagne is notorious for celebrating, I highly encourage bringing a bottle to your next photoshoot to add another element to your session.

Every photographer does this differently but I found a way that will help you avoid getting your camera sticky and damaged. Also to steer you from embarrassing yourself mid session by googling "How to spray a champagne bottle correctly" or "Best way to spray a champagne bottle at my photoshoot" (I've been there many times, and trust me, it's not the best look)

Read through these tips and screenshot to use at your next champagne popping session!


Bring two bottles just in case the first try doesn’t go well!

Anything can go wrong, such as a bad spray, unpleasing facial reactions and maybe even a photo bomber!

So I recommend bringing an extra bottle or asking your clients to bring an extra just in case you need a redo.


Unwrap the foil before the photographer starts capturing. Once you're done unwrapping, pop the cork lightly. 

The unwrapping takes a minute so either do that before the photoshoot or take a second to do it and put the

wrappers and cork in a bag or in the trash. (Please do not litter!!) This way you will be prepped and ready to go.


Stand slightly sideways, but turn your face towards the photographer. You can pose like a prom pose (one partner stands behind the other) and then hold the bottle in the direction you are standing instead of straight on. (refer to pic #3 below) This avoids spraying the photographer and their camera and blocking your beautiful faces!!


Okay here comes the big part... the part that people question the most. How do I spray!?

You already have the cork off so you don't have to panic about knocking someone out with the cork.

Put your thumb over the bottle and start shaking! Remember to spray in the direction you’re standing instead of right at the photographer. 


For extra uses and photos, take a chug out of the bottle like my couple did in pic #5 or bring glasses to pour into (#6). 

I hope these tips help! Follow me if you want to see more pose and photography tips, follow me on instagram and Pinterest @livdphotography

Champagne toast at New Years eve wedding at Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury CT
Champagne toast in front of Caeser's Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Elopement Photography
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Champagne Spray in front of Caesers Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada
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30th Birthday Photoshoot with Champagne Toast in Norwalk, Connecticut